White Peppercorns Whole

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Nothing beats the taste of freshly grated, whole white peppercorns. These can be tied into cheesecloth and dropped into rich simmering Asian and traditional, American soups and stir fries. White peppercorn is tradition in many Asian recipes. However, you can also enjoy white pepper for a smooth peppery flavor and an aesthetically pleasing chicken noodle soup. White pepper comes from the seed of the pepper plant. Ripe, red pepper berries get soaked in water for approximately a week in a process known as retting. While retting, the pepper flesh softens, comes off, and removes what is left of the fruit. Then, processors dry the naked seed.

Try whole white peppercorn in a traditional country, French breakfast - seafood omelets with a creamy cheese sauces. Mix with Dijon mustardsaltnutmeg, and chicken broth to set savory tables for you and a special someone, or just to treat yourself (you know you deserve it).


Best when ground fresh just before use, or tie peppers in a cheese cloth bag and drop into simmering dishes.


White Peppercorn.
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