Fun Facts About Paprika

Fun Facts About Paprika

  • Paprika is so much more than a coloring agent!
  • It is made by grinding the pods of the pepper plant capsicum annuum
  • In Hungary there are 6 classes of Paprika
  • We carry 3 varieties of Hungarian Paprika, sweet, hot and smoked.
  • The most common pepper to make Paprika is the sweet red pepper
  • Paprika is a National spice in Hungary with a 200 year history
  • The villages become a vibrant red color at harvesting time when the peppers are hung with string outside and along fences
  • Paprika is perishable and is best stored in a cool dark place.
  • Traditional Hungarian dishes that use Paprika are Goulash and Papikash
  • It is also added to Spanish Chorizo and Turkish and Portuguese soups and stews

Chili Ristras

But why not get creative !

  • add it to potatoes or fries
  • add to chicken or fish
  • use in black beans or stews
  • @Hanneke on twitter states that she adds to chicken, potatoes in dressings and the smoked paprika gives a wonderful smoky taste and aroma.

So what are you going to add your paprika to?

27th Oct 2018

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