Fun Facts About Pepper

Fun Facts About Pepper

  • Pepper is the number one selling spice in America
  • Pepper comes in many colors, green, black, red and white but all comes from the same plant, the color is related to how ripe it is and how it has been processed
  • Pepper is native to India and grows as a tall vine with the peppercorns as flowering drupes
  • It has been used in cooking for over 2000 years!
  • Pepper was mostly eaten by the wealthy in the past as it was so expensive and sort after, traders formed spice routes from India to Europe and would often fight over them
  • In the Middle ages a mans wealth was measured by his stock pile of pepper
  • The Romans would even demand pepper as a ransom when besieging a city
  • Pepper gets its kick from the compound peperine
  • Pepper loses its flavor and aroma through evaporation so its best to keep it in an airtight container
  • Consider using whole peppercorns and grinding just before use to maintain flavor and add near the end of cooking

Recipe ideas:

  • black pepper chicken
  • top pasta dishes with freshly ground mixed pepper
  • add to omelets
  • roast asparagus with pepper
  • add to soups

There are endless ways to season with pepper, next time you buy pepper how will you use it?

26th Oct 2018

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