Nutmeg Ground



What would pumpkin pie or eggnog be without nutmeg? Wassail, mulled wine and cider are all traditional English drinks that call for it. Even if you have only had Nutmeg in typical autumn spiced fare, try introducing it into your next vegetable recipe. Add it to your spice mix for baking, or to grilling rubs for meats and fish. You will find Ground Nutmeg to be a fun and tasty spice to experiment with in the kitchen.

When used in small quantities for culinary purposes, Ground Nutmeg is harmless to people, however in large amounts it can have psychoactive and toxic effects. Caution should be taken around animals since small amounts can be harmful or fatal to them.


Common ingredient in cookie and cake recipes. Add a pinch to your spaghetti sauce.


Ground Nutmeg.
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