Mace Ground

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Taste the exotic flavor of mace imported direct from the Spice Islands of the Pacific. The warm, musky flavor is a versatile herb that can provide just the right kung-fu kick to your Asian or Indian dishes. If you’re looking for a good old Midwest American classic, enjoy the uncanny blend of pastime favorites - spaghetti and chili together, and surprise your family with a heaping bowl of Cincinnati Chili. Pile high a mountain of chili, marked with the classic and flavorful combination of mace, cinnamoncumin, oreganopaprikaallspicecoriandercloveschili and cayenne powder, on top of spaghetti al dente’ and top it with all off with shredded cheese and freshly chopped onions. You’ll be sure to score a homerun with your family tonight. 


Cakes and baked goods, doughnuts, fish, meat stuffings, and pickling.


Mace, ground
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