Pink Peppercorns Whole



As with green or white peppercorns, whole pink peppercorns are best freshly grated or crushed. Unlike those other peppercorn berries, however, pink peppercorn is not actually pepper, but the dried fruit from a shrub known commonly as the Peruvian Peppertree. The beautiful dried berries got their name both from their mild peppery taste as well as their close resemblance to actual peppercorns.  Add a sweet flavor to almost any dish with sweet, pink peppercorns from the Isle of Reunion. They’re yummy in poultry marinades. Ground them fresh on chicken or seafood salads. The flavor of whole pink peppercorns is robust and a little closer to chili than the peppery-ness of black pepper, and they are great in curries with lemongrass and garlic.


Pink Peppercorns add a sweet flavor to almost any dish.


Pink Peppercorns.
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