Green Peppercorns Whole



Whole green peppercorns are young peppercorn berries, picked ripe but early, and then soaked in brine. They have a flavor that is full of peppery heat, but lack some of the complexity of other types of peppercorns. Great American Spice Company’s premium whole green peppercorns are perfect for a lemon pepper fish, sprinkled with mint and chives on grilled zucchini and tomato or cooked on the perfect breast of chicken. Simply drain and chop the whole green peppercorns and combine with minced garlicchives, and minced, granulated onion.  Add oils to sauté and serve the gourmet-sounding, yet oh-so-simple, green peppercorn chicken.


Best when ground fresh, or wrap in a cheese cloth bag and simmer in soup or stews. Add cheese cloth towards end of cooking as it loses its flavor.


Green Peppercorns.
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