Peppermint Leaf Flakes

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Peppermint is a versatile mint, great in holiday dishes like the traditional peppermint bark. It is also delicious in fresh drinks like mint julep. Peppermint leaf flakes from Great American Spice Company can be combined with lemon vinaigrette, made from lemon zest, oil, and currants to make a delicious shredded carrot salad. For another unique way to use peppermint flakes, make a cheese ball! Yes, you “heard” correctly: a cheese ball, made with goat cheese and cream cheese, mixed up with cuminlemon zestcoriander, and peppermint and celery hearts. You’ll be the talk of the next party with your reinvented cheese ball.


Use to garnish, sprinkle in your salads, and also is great in teas.


Crushed Peppermint Leaf.
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