Bay Leaf Ground

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Bay leaves have long been rumored to be harmful if ingested.  That’s a myth; however bay leaves do remain hard, even after well cooked, so it is recommended to remove bay leaves before serving the meal.  Avoid picking through your stew. Enjoy bay leaf’s flavor by using our ground bay leaf. One of the most popular uses of the bay leaf is as a seasoning for seafood.  By combining several different spices like dry mustardpaprikaall spicegingerground cardamom, and cinnamon you can create a dry rub for seafood that nearly mimics that of popular seafood restaurants!


Used to flavour any savoury dish, stocks, casseroles, sauces, milk puddings, cream and custards. 1/8 to 1/4 tsp. of ground is equal to 1 bay leaf.


Ground Bay Leaf.
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