Bay Leaf Whole



Bay Leaves are the classic leaves mentioned throughout literature as the aromatic wreath of honor placed upon heads of athletes and scholars. It has also been recommended for cooking since the beginning of recorded history.
Bay Leaves are oval and olive green in color when dried. Their time tested flavor and aroma pull together the various ingredients in roasts, stews, and tomato sauces to create a well-blended bouquet of flavors. Common herbs that go with Bay Leaves are oregano, rosemary, and thyme.
Be careful not to keep these leaves (whole or pieces) in the prepared dish since their edges are sharp and can cut internally when ingested. Either use Bay Leaves whole while cooking, and then strain them out, or in crushed/ powder form.
Bay Leaves have been used to fight bacterial and fungal infections. They are also used as insecticides.


Used in pickling, marinating and to flavor stews. Remember, always remove the Bay Leaf before serving.


Bay Leaves.
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