Mustard Seed Ground Yellow



Ground yellow mustard seed, also called mustard flour, is the type of mustard seed used in the traditional topping for ballpark franks. It’s easy to prepare, too. Simply mix equal parts mustard, flour, and water to make basic mustard. Beyond that, the potential flavor combinations are only as limited as your imagination.  Try substituting various cooking wines or specialty vinegars for water.  Red wine vinegar complements the light mustard taste of the yellow seeds. Adding turmeric or even exotic saffron will have the foodie in your circle begging for your secret recipe for homemade mustard! If you’re looking for spicier mustard, add horseradish or mix with black mustard seeds for truly unique tastes. Yellow mustard powder, pre-roasted and ground from fresh mustard seeds, takes the work out of preparing mustard seeds from scratch to mix into your own mustard.


You need only mix equal parts mustard flour and water to make a simple smooth prepared mustard. Change the flavors by adding herbs, spices, salt or sweeteners. Assorted vinegars provide pleasant tanginess while the sweetness of fruit can be achieved by using juice and zest.


Ground Yellow Mustard Seed.
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