Sage Leaf Rubbed

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Rubbed sage leaf is an airy and light herb, made from rubbing the dried leaves of whole sage leaf between your hands. The rubbing causes the delicate leaves to powder and crumble, leaving the hard stem to be composted later.  Sage is delicious to cook with almost anything roasted with olive oil. While pungent and strong, rubbed sage leaf is the perfect complement to potatoes and sausage. It is delicious in a tangy barbeque sauce with granulated garlic and green peppers. Sage also works wonders with balsamic vinegar and chicken stock seasoned with thyme. Smooth the rubbed sage onto some choice pork chops before grilling and you’ll have a dinner win every night.


Sage is very powerful . It is sometimes combined with garlic and green pepper for barbecued or fried meat.


Rubbed Sage Leaf.
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