Greek Cut Mexican Oregano

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Pungent and sweet Greek Cut Mexican Oregano is an important ingredient in Italian and Mediterranean style cooking. Even if you are using pasta sauce from a jar, sprinkling in Greek Cut Mexican Oregano adds that perfect Italian flavor profile to everything from the most basic of spaghettis to the most complex pastas and tomato-vegetable dishes. Its name is derived from the Greek words oros (mountain) and ganos (joy) since not only was it a symbol of happiness, but it made the hillsides on which it grew look beautiful. Ever wonder what was in that chili powder container so that you could add different spices to it? Along with garliconioncumin, and allspice, oregano is one of the five basic spices included in many varieties. Try setting your table with an herb salt (reduced sodium!), blending sea saltrosemarybay leaves, Greek Cut Mexican Oregano, and thyme to use as an all-purpose salt seasoning or specifically with your delicious Italian dinners


Greek oregano is sweet and strong, absolutely essential for Mediterranean dishes based on tomato sauce. Mexican oregano has a stronger, less sweet flavor.


Mexican Oregano.
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