Sesame Seed White Hulled

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Attention all bread-lovers, experienced bread-makers, and aspiring or beginner bread-makers: the icing for your cake is found in hulled white sesame seeds!  All over the world, breads, rolls, and bagels are topped with hulled white sesame seeds for that professional look, taste, and feel that you desire. A delicious, pumpkin spice bread with a glaze topping is traditional.  Alter it by sprinkling sesame seeds on top.

Absolutely do not forget hulled white sesame seeds as a crucial ingredient in your homemade granola, either!  Granola is a snap to whip up (mix your ingredients and bake) and is a must for small personal gifts, hiking, snacking, or an everyday side with your packed office lunch. Once mixed with perhaps some cinnamon and even a little maple powder and some hot water, sesame seeds with granola or oatmeal are delicious for breakfast. 

Once hulled, white sesame seeds complement simple meals with white rice, chicken, and fish.


For your favorite breads, bagels, and rolls. To toast seeds, heat pan on high, add seeds and stir, watch seeds closely, a toasted nutty fragrance completes toasting.


White Sesame Seeds. Contains Sesame.
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