Black Sesame Seeds



To gain the benefit of both appearance and flavor in many of your favorite dishes, black sesame seeds can be used to their potential.  They have a long history of providing texture and aroma when coating favorites such as chicken and most vegetables. Black sesame seeds in particular have been favored in Asian and Indian cuisines over white sesame seeds  because of their stronger flavor.

Black sesame seeds add crunchy coatings to cooked beef, chicken, duck, and fish. To create some authentic Asian cuisine, be sure not to skimp on the peppers and shiitake mushrooms. 

For a simple, 5-10 minute black sesame seed dish, just roast them in the oven at 350 degrees and enjoy toasted sesame seeds!


Use as a coating for fried foods, sprinkle over braised beef ribs, add them to chicken salad, meatballs, noodle dishes and mixed vegetables.


Sesame Seeds. Contains Sesame.
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