Amber Boston Round Glass Bottle

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  • Amber Boston Round Glass Bottle - 1 oz.
  • Amber Boston Round Glass Bottle - 4 oz.
  • Amber Boston Round Glass Bottle - 8 oz.


Amber glass bottles are handy tools in the kitchen. They are multi-functional, multi-purpose kitchen essentials. The darkened color of amber glass bottles protects liquids from UV light, so they make prime storage containers for all of your homemade teas. Infuse your teas with the rich flavor of mint, lemonangelica root, or spearmint for a soothing nighttime drink by the fireplace. Bottle homemade root beer piercing it with the lightly bitter tastes of sarsaparilla root. Store all of your cooking and baking necessities. Or these ideal glasses work wonders for carrying small amounts of vinegar and olive oil (or other dressings) along when you pack your daytime salads and lunches for work. Purchase yours today and find all of the ways you can put these bottles to use.
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