Lemon Zest (Peel) Granules



When first you think of lemon zest, it’s not hard to summon mouth-watering thoughts of moist meringue and mint, tart toppings on crumbly cakes, and other rich and sweet baked treats. However, like the juice of lemons, lemon zest is versatile.

Lemon zest (peel) granules pair well with other spices in many meat and vegetable dishes. For chicken and fish, cook lemon zest with rosemaryparsley, and chives for a predictable pleaser. Vegetables love garlic, chives, lemon zest, andthyme, either sautéed or in a roasting pan, releasing pungent and aromatic citrus notes for hours. Additionally, a simple dry rub for beef short ribs just combines zest (peel) granules, chives, and chicken stock. 

When using lemon zest granules, which are carefully prepared and dried for you using only peel, remember to use 1/3 for which the recipe calls. If it calls for a tablespoon, use 1 tsp., because dried zest is concentrated lemon flavor, three times as strong as lemon juice.


Use in place of lemon zest. Try it in your stir fry.


Dried Lemon Peel.
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