Rosemary Whole



Set your table in true elegance with perfectly moist and juicy Cornish game hens seasoned to perfection with premium whole rosemary from Great American Spice Company. Complement the rosemary with paprika and thyme leaves. The aromatic fragrance and piney appearance of whole rosemary is both a delicious seasoning and a beautiful garnishment for nearly all of your carefully prepared dishes. You can use rosemary as a more subtle replacement for sage if desired, or alongside the distinctive herb.

Rosemary also has a long history of medicinal purposes to improve memory and concentration as well as to alleviate joint point. Recent studies suggest that rosemary may stop or inhibit dangerous pathogens like Listeria monocytogenes, B. cereus, and S. aureus.


Use rosemary for fish, meat (especially poultry), and for vegetables.


Dried Rosemary.
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