Lime Zest (Peel) Granules



Summer comes to dinner every time a prime cut of pork or chicken slides into a sweet and savory citrus marinade with lime, regardless of your time zone. Many citrus zests are used in cooking with rice or grains, so pair Lime Zest Granules with cilantro for a simply and savory dish. Smoky chipotle deserves some zest, as well, and she and lime zest make a wonderful couple, whether spicing up roasted chicken, sweet potatoes, or dressing up a simple sandwich with their signature, chipotle-lime mayo. Using your long lasting, versatile, self-stable, lime zest, your wings, burgers, sandwiches, and dips will never be the same.

Limes are known for their ability to compliment/intensify the flavors of other foods. The liberal use of Lime Zest (Peel) Granules is nothing to be feared, as long as you remember to use a little bit less of the granules when substituting for fresh zest. The granules can be reconstituted and increased in size if you soak them in warm water for about 15 minutes.


Use as a salt substitute.


Lime Peel.
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