Sarsaparilla Root Powder



There is no better way to cool off on a warm day than with a glass of home brewed Sarsaparilla tea.  Sarsaparilla tea is made from the roots of the smilax reglii tree, which is found in Central and South American rainforests as well as other tropical areas around the world.  This exotic root is thought to have many health benefits.  Sarsaparilla Root Powder can easily be made into a tea!  Just add some powder to a tea infuser and add water for a great tasting tea.  Toss in a pinch of turbinado sugar.  Follow your favorite recipe and use in combination with our wintergreen extract to create a delicious root beer; a great activity to complete with the kids!


Put some in a tea infuser, for great tasting tea. In combination with wintergreen and other flavours, it is used in root beer.


Ground Sarsaparilla Root.
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