Chicory Root Roasted Granulated



Chicory Root is a caffeine free root spice used in making teas and coffee. It was commonly used by the southern states in the 1800’s as a replacement drink for coffee and has become a common coffee filler due to its slightly bitter, caramel like taste and ability to reduce acidity. "New Orleans" or "Creole" style coffee can be made by adding one-teaspoon Roasted Chicory Root powder to regular coffee. Chicory Root tea is made from steeping the ground root in water and adding sugar or honey.

Chicory Root is said to be rich in vitamin C, contains a soluble fiber which adds to the beneficial digestive tract flora, and can also act as a mild laxative.

Caution should be used when coming in contact with the substance as direct contact can cause skin irritation in some people. Also women who are pregnant or nursing should seek their health care professional’s advice before consuming this product.


Added to coffee, .5-1.25 tsp per cup, this coffee-chicory blend is often referred to as "New Orleans" or "Creole" coffee


Roasted Chicory.
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