Onion Granulated

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Imagine walking home after a long day working or running errands to the rich aroma of granulated onion and slow cooked roast beef wafting through your home. Are you imagining it? It’s great to be able to “set it and forget it” in the crock pot and enjoy a homemade meal at dinner time, but chopping, dicing, and slicing the spices and vegetables for the slow cooker isn’t always feasible in the often rushed morning time. Granulated onion from Great American Spice Co is perfect for those times. Sprinkle some liberally in with broth, parsleysagepeppercornrosemary, and summer savory for a veritable taste sensation (not to mention a truly aromatic greeting when you come in the door)! Dehydrated onion granules are also used in many BBQ sauces and soup mixes, and can substitute easily for onion powder in any recipe, though be mindful of measurements, because the granulated onion has a slightly stronger flavor profile than minced or powdered.


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