Onion Salt



Onion salt is extremely versatile and is widely used.  You can put it on or add it to just about anything! Add onion salt to a few other seasonings for a delicious marinade or rub for a variety of meats.  Try it with Worcestershire powder and soy sauce for a delicious pork rub or mix it into ground beef for yummy burgers! You can also sprinkle it over your salad to give it a bit of onion flavor and then top it off with your homemade salad dressing!  Onion salt can also be added to pastas for a taste that your family and friends won’t forget. With this many uses, it’s no wonder onion salt is so widely used!


Sprinkle on any kind of meat before grilling, or sprinkle on your pasta and salad dishes for a great onion flavor..


Salt, Onion.
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