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Now you can take your honey almost anywhere and not have to worry about it leaking and leaving a sticky mess. Great American Spice Honey Powder is real dehydrated honey. Just add water and it will form a nice honey paste you can use just as you would regular honey. So now you can take along honey for your tea on those long camping trips, or sprinkle it on nuts, cereal, or use it in basting chicken before grilling. You may decide this is the way to go instead of having to constantly clean up that gooey mess around the lid of the honey jar.

You can also see this product in our Sweet Rub and Baking Kit. A kit great for adding some sweet to your meats or as regular baking additions.  


Re-hydrate the honey powder with water to desired consistency. Use in baked beans or part of your barbecue baste.


Sugar, Honey.

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  1. Easy Honey

    Posted by Lori on 3rd Jan 2016

    This product is a great way to add honey flavor without the stickiness! It dissolves quickly, too. For nutrition sake, though, should note it contains wheat.

  2. It's packable

    Posted by Glenn MacEllis on 22nd Feb 2015

    I am an avid backpacker, and I love the taste of honey over sugar. However, it is difficult to pack liquid honey without running the rise of leakage. I has a way of escaping the most carefully tightened containers. American Spice Company powdered honey does not run that risk. It is much easier to pack and use on the trail. It does have a slightly wheaty taste, but I'll accept that compared to a sticky backpack.

  3. Terrible

    Posted by John on 16th Sep 2014

    Taste is a slightly sweet wheat starch. No discernable honey flavor. Totally unusable in a rub. Maybe ok for baking if you're mixing into a flour mixture?

    I get that the dehydrated honey needs something mixed in to keep it free-flowing, but the wheat starch is awful. If I ever try honey powder again, will look for a honey/maltodextrin mix, not this product.

  4. honey honey honeyyyyyy

    Posted by stas on 25th Dec 2013

    totally fantastic, have used it for a rub on a prime rib and OMG fantastic, great in cookies and on snow ball cookies along with the podwered sugar

  5. want taste without the extra liquid

    Posted by Mike on 31st Jul 2013

    we love honey and try to replace it for sugar when possible. but, sometimes you can't. this will give that taste without trying to recalculate the amount of liquid in a dish. also, add it your cinnamon roll mix.... heaven

  6. supurb product

    Posted by Jake Kessler KCMO on 26th May 2013

    great american honey powder can't be made any better

  7. Taste is simply off

    Posted by Tom on 14th Sep 2012

    I tried this in my tea, hoping I could use it as a light and mess free alternative to real tea when traveling or camping. Maybe it's the wheat starch, maybe it's the soy lecithin. Whatever the cause, the taste of this product is simply off. It does not have a sweet honey taste, instead tasting stale. If you are desperate for something resembling honey, you could survive on this, but I can't recommend it for general use.

  8. What a find

    Posted by tareen on 31st May 2012

    Adds honey flavor without all the mess

  9. Good

    Posted by Bree on 30th May 2012

    Easy to use