Sweet BBQ Flavor Kit

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  • Sweet Rub and Bake Spice Kit
  • Sweet Rub and Bake Spice Kit

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Sprinkle these into your meat rubs to give the seasoning a personal touch. Try them with our Tex-Mex Rub, Beer Can Chicken Blend, or BBQ Seasoning for a winning combination or simply dash on near the end of your barbecue session for that caramelized burst of sweetness. 

Adding sugar to sweeten up your tea, snacks, rubs, or other meals is old news once you've tasted these powders. These powders in our Sweet BBQ Flavor Kit are the perfect addition to any bakers cabinet and a must have for the barbecuer and griller who has everything. Add a dash of these to your cookies, brownies, or cakes for hint of flavor not attainable by regular sugar.

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  • Honey Powder
    • Sprinkle on nuts, use one chicken or pork or add to an existing rub.
  • Maple Powder
    • Great addition to oatmeal, baked beans, pancake mix, and any meat seasoning. 
  • Molasses Powder
    • Use similar to Maple Powder. Also great in cookies, or as a sweet, bold addition to your barbecue rub. 
  • Granulated Brown Sugar
    • Perfect for grilling and baking as the sweetness won't burn away as quickly as regular brown sugar.
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