Tarragon Leaf Crushed



Recreate the acclaimed flavors of French cooking at its finest with your own splendid table. Tarragon complements a wide variety of dinner choices, such as artichokes, carrots, chickens, eggs, fish, lobster, mushroom, onions, potatoes, rabbit, salads, shellfish, sole, spinach, stuffing, tomatoes, and veal. Crushed cut tarragon leaf’s warm anise, or licorice, flavor, while aromatic, can at times be slightly overpowering, so be sure to use caution in butters or with lighter fare such as cottage cheese. For a traditional French béarnaise sauce, premium cut crushed tarragon is a staple, combing with shallotchervil, and peppercorn in this traditional sauce for steak. Impress everyone when you remind them that tarragon is part of ‘fines herbes,’ which is a specific blend of herbs used in French cooking, and includes parsley, tarragon leaf, chervil, chives, and sometimes marjoram. Remember, you don’t have to be Julia Childs to fill your home with the taste and smell of French cuisine.


Tarragon has a warm, aromatic taste.Tarragon enhances the flavor of poultry, mayonnaise, vegetables (especially green beans), cream and butter sauces and salad dressings. Use it sparingly in butter and cottage cheese.


Dried Tarragon.
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