Dried Morel Mushrooms

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A hunting we will go – oh a delicate morel mushroom – a hunting we will go. No need to chant the tune while you endlessly search the woods for a tasty, evening morsel. Our 2 ounces of dried morel mushrooms are a lovely, light addition to all of your dinner meals. With so many ways to freshen up your dinner palate, these are the perfect addition to your kitchen cabinets. Dried morel mushrooms can be served fried when breaded and simmered over a steaming pan of vegetable oil. Or our personal favorite is served as morel mushroom risotto. Enjoy the boost of flavorful spices when you marinate garliconion, vegetable or chicken stock, parmesan cheese, and heavy cream with rice. Tickle your tasty side dish with a dash of mintchives or green onion for garnish. It makes a tasteful side to a lean chicken or pork dish. Or pour a savory morel mushroom cream sauce over a tender linguine pasta. Simmer your mushrooms in a touch of olive oil – add butter, chicken stock, a dash of flour and heavy whipping cream to create a desirable white cream sauce. Finish it off with a splash of parsley. Add a grilled breast of chicken generously spread with Caribbean Jerk rub or ground chorizo sausage for a kick of heat, too. The possibilities are endless! And the best part is, our dried mushrooms can be served as easily as fresh mushrooms any day of the week!


Soak in warm water, wine or stock for 20-30 minutes, or until soft. Saute' in butter about 5 minutes each side.


Dried Morel Mushrooms.
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