European Style Bolete Mushrooms



World renowned for their rich, deep, earthy flavor, bolete mushrooms are used in kitchens around the world. These mushrooms are extremely versatile and can be found in many different recipes for pasta sauces, soups, casseroles and rice dishes. The flavor of the mushrooms pairs easily with many different flavors like, thymerosemarytarragon, and black pepperTo use, simply rehydrate the dried mushroom and add to your favorite recipe. The rich flavor enhances any dish that needs mushrooms. A few dried mushrooms can impart their wild flavor to the tamer flavor of the humble button mushroom, as well. Add a few of these mushrooms to your next beef stroganoff for a flavor that is richer than it ever was before.


These are wild mushrooms,they may have stones embedded in their flesh. To help dislodge the stones,it is strongly recommended to reconstitute and agitate the mushrooms prior to use. Note:some stones may not be dislodged from the flesh after reconstitution.


Dried European Bolete Mushrooms.
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