Portabella Mushroom Powder



When you want the taste of Portabella mushrooms without the expense or storage, our two ounce mushroom powder is a delicious alternative. With Portabella Mushroom powder you can combine the earthy flavor of the mushrooms with beef or your favorite spice powder, like Angus Steak Rub. Rub the spice mix on your steaks before cooking. You will have steaks enhanced with the full flavor of mushrooms. Combine Portabella Mushroom powder with thymeblack pepper  and garlic to create your own earthy spice mix. Use this mix in your favorite soups, stews or casseroles to give your dishes a richer flavor. Any recipe that calls for mushrooms can be enhanced with a dash of mushroom powder to increase the warm flavors of the mushrooms.


Portabella Mushroom Powder works as a spice and is ready to use. Rub directly onto meats or add to soups,sauces or stocks for flavor.


Ground Portabella Mushrooms.
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