Chinese Star Anise Whole

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Chinese Star Anise is a hard, brown, star shaped; air dried fruit with shiny brown seeds. Chinese Star Anise has a very strong aroma typical of Greek anise. Use sparingly to avoid medicinal flavor. Mix Chinese Star Anise into your marinades for poultry or pork to create an earthy flavor. Chinese Star Anise is also featured in Chinese Five Spice and is known for its licorice-like flavor. Brew Chinese Star Anise whole in your chai tea with cardamom pods and cinnamon sticks for a delicious afternoon treat. You can also use Chinese Star Anise to add a unique flavor to your Baking Spices.


Cooks use star anise to give a licorice flavor to savory dishes, particularly those with pork and poultry.


Dried Star Anise.
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