Chinese Five Spice

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Traditionally, Chinese Five Spice powder is thought to balance yin and yang in your food. The sweetness of cinnamon is balanced by rustic flavors of cloves, star anise, and white pepper. Use Five Spice to create a rub for roasted or stir-fried duck or pork. Mix ginger ground or fresh. Pair your meats with vegetables or rice seasoned with a Chinese seasoning blend.  You can also add a dash of five spices to your batter for an Asian-inspired breakfast bread or muffin mix. 


Often used in meat marinades and as a spice in barbecuing, add to rice, vegetables, or pork any type of stir-fry. A small amount can add a new taste to nut breads and muffins.


Anise Seed Ground, Fennel, Cinnamon, Cloves, Black Pepper.
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