Sumac Ground

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Don’t be fooled by its red color! Sumac Ground has anything but a spicy or berry taste. It’s actually got a wonderful lemony taste that is also a bit tart. In the Middle East, Sumac is the spice of choice to add a tangy flavor to dishes. Sprinkle into rice, rub onto kebabs or chicken before grilling, or rub onto to fish before cooking. Use some Sumac Ground with our Sumac Spiced Summer Salad recipe for a deliciously flavorful summer salad! Anywhere you desire a hint of lemon and tart, grab the Sumac Ground and taste the flavor come to life!


Sprinkled into the rice dishes, or rub on kebabs before grilling. Rub into fish or chicken before grilling. Ground sumac keeps well if kept away from light and air.


Sumac, Salt.
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