Sugar Cure (7.5 lbs)



An exact replacement for Morton's discontinued Sugar Cure. Bring back that country style flavor with this staple Sugar Cure. A proven blend of cure with just the right amount of added spices will make this the only Sugar Cure you'll ever need. You will receive a 7.25 lb packet of cure and a 0.25 lb packet of spices, enough for 100 lbs of meat.


  • Mix 7.25 lbs of Sugar Cure with the provided 0.25 lbs Seasoning Packet.
  • Rub 2.5 lbs of the blended mixture to 100 lbs of meat and hold in cooler for 45 days.
  • Rework with another 2.5 lbs of blended mixture and hold for another 45 days.
  • Rework one last time with remaining blend and hold for up to 3 more months for a true country style cure.

Sugar Cure Ingredients (7.25 lbs):

Salt, Sugar, Glycerin, Sodium Nitrite (0.5%), Sodium Nitrate (0.5%). 

Seasoning Packet Ingredients (0.25 lbs):

Salt, Dextrose, Caramel Color, Natural Spice Extractives.
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