Soy Protein Concentrate Powder



You can stir in or sprinkle on our Soy Protein Concentrate powder into almost anything.  Soy powder is a complete protein that contains all the principle amino acids needed for good health.  Since soy is a legume and not meat, nuts, or cheese, you don’t have the concerns about consuming fat or red meat.  Besides being low in fat, Soy Powder also contains fiber, minerals and vitamins.  

 What more can you ask for in a protein booster?  How about cost?  Soy beans are grown and processed at relatively low cost, this makes it a very economical protein choice for vegans or anyone who wants to cut down on meats without losing the essential proteins it provides.  Once again, Soy Protein is a great choice for boosting needed proteins with the additional benefit of vitamins and minerals. 

 Soy has been commercially processed since the 50’s and has been added to many foods due to its protein and binding properties. Watch for allergic reactions and consult with a doctor if you are pregnant. 

Powdered soy protein and soy protein concentrate flakes are easy to use. Add a couple of teaspoons to your favorite foods each day.  Try soy in cereal, milk drinks, yogurt, cottage cheese.  You can add it to recipes you make such as breads, cakes, cookies, or pancakes.  Make your own protein smoothie, too!


For a basic food additive or sausage making.


Soy Protein Concentrate. Contains SOY
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