Soy Sauce Powder

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Capture the tastes of the Orient with travel-ready, soy sauce powder. If you find that you don’t use soy sauce every day this powder is an easy way to keep soy sauce readily available without having to take up more room in the fridge. Our Soy Sauce Powder easily mixes with water and makes fresh soy sauce ready for your use at any time.
The ingredients are soybeans, salt and wheat; three simple ingredients for a great oriental taste. Use soy sauce powder with egg rolls, stir fry, grilling marinades or Asian casseroles. Try soy sauce powder with ginger root chicken with mango, spare ribs, or mahi-mahi with spicy pear sauce.


Ready to use as is, no preparation is necessary. To reconstitute to the flavor of table Soy Sauce, blend 1 part Soy Sauce Powder to 1 parts water (by weight) mix well.


Soy Sauce (Wheat, Soybeans and Salt), Maltodextrin, Salt. Contains Wheat and Soy.


This product contains bioengineered ingredients. 

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