Prague Powder No.1 Pink Curing Salt



Prague Powder #1, also referred to as Tinted Cure or Pink Curing Salt, is used for all types of meats, sausage, fish, and jerky curing. One of the most popular curing salts, Prague powder #1 contains 6.25% sodium nitrite and 93.75% sodium chloride as per FDA and USDA regulations. A critical component in the meat curing and sausage making process, Prague Powder #1 is essential to prevent food poisoning. Additionally, Prague Powder #1 provides a distinct flavor and helps to prevent product discoloration. This salt is not to be used asa table salt and is specifically for the meat and curing process.

Prague Powder #1 can be used in the preserving and curing of:

  • Semi-dry and cooked meats
  • Sausage
  • Fish
  • Jerky
  • Bacon
  • Ham
  • Pastrami
  • Hard Salami
  • Corned Beef

To cure meat or fish correctly and within food safely guidelines, it is extremely important to use the proper amount of Prague Powder #1. As a curing agent, Prague Powder #1 serves to inhibit bacteria growth and helps to maintain meat flavor and appearance. Too much or too little Pink Curing Salt can adversely affect health, taste, and food quality. Overall it is recommended that you use one ounce of Prague Powder #1 to twenty-five pounds of meat or fish.

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Usage for Prague Powder

Use 1 oz. of cure for 25 lb. of meat or 1 level teaspoon of cure for 5 lb. of meat. Mix cure with cold water. This product is not to be used in place of table salt.


Salt, sodium nitrite, FD & C Red #3.

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