Lemon Verbena Leaves



Have your guests satisfied and mystified at the hint of lemon in your next recipe from Lemon Verbena Leaves. These leaves are commonly used as a replacement for lemon juice to avoid adding extra liquid to recipes. Lemon Verbena Leaves compliment almost any chicken recipe, so at your next get-together, amaze your guests with your delicious chicken recipe marinated in your new lemon flavor. Mix the leaves with Fines Herbs to further enrich the marinade. The next time you make popcorn, grind up the leaves and mix them with Amish Country Buttery Popcorn for a brand new butter concoction to try!


This herb is inspiring. Use it in place of more commonly recommended herbs in chicken, fish, or lamb marinades. Also used in teas and Potpourri.


Dried Lemon Verbena Leaves.
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