Ground Juniper Berries



 If you have a hunter in your life, stock up on ground juniper berries now so you can make delicious marinades later! Often used for seasoning game meat, ground juniper berries can either be added to a marinade or can be rubbed directly on the meat prior to cooking. Ground juniper berries, when mixed with parsley and bay leavesare a great seasoning for stews. Why not season your game meat with juniper berries, cook it, and then use the game meat in a stew? Give your hunter the best of both worlds — deliciously seasoned meat plus a warm, filling stew.


Add ground juniper berries to marinades for game gives a wonderful flavor. For stews, a few teaspoons of ground juniper berries, parsley, fennel and bay leaves make a delicious spice combination.


Juniper Berries.
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