Juniper Berries



Juniper Berries are often used in European dishes of duck, boar or rabbit. They have a cleansing flavor which helps cut through fat and reduce the gaminess of wild meats. Use them as a rub before grilling or roasting. Juniper is also known for being the traditional flavoring of gin.

These berries are thought to stimulate the appetite and help with digestion to reduce gas and flatulence. Because of their diuretic nature, they should be used sparingly, and should not be used by pregnant women or those with kidney pain or disease. Another caution is for those taking blood thinners since Juniper has a blood thinning effect.

Try using Juniper, Parsley and Fennel spice combinations for a distinctive new grill or roast flavor.


A few berries crushed & added to marinades for game gives a wonderful flavor. Add berries, parsley, fennel and bay leaves to stews for a delicious taste.


Juniper Berries.
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