Chili Powder



Howdy, Partner! So you think you’re going to rustle around these here parts and find you a robust Chili Powder that will makes you shout, “Woooo-Eeeeee!” huh? Well don’t you worry your old chili peppers nothing then, sir! We’ve got the sure-fire answer to your sound-the-alarm, fire-in-the-hole chili cooking needs. Our Chili Powder is made from the finest blend of peppers, salt, and garlic for a flavor that will make you want to host a showdown of prize Chili recipes. But before you’re quick to draw, you better fill your holsters with cumin seedsoreganocayenne pepper, and coriander to hit them with the bulls eye of flavor that will sure knock their boots clear off. And if you are thinking ‘bout going a little farther south yet, this little jar of chili powder is just what you needs to cook the best darn, rootin-tootin Texan and Mexican home cooking this side of the border. Yeee Haww!


Ground Chiles, Paprika, Salt, Spices, and Garlic.
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