Arrowroot Powder

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Our Arrowroot Powder is pure, without any additives, and is naturally gluten free. It makes for a great alternative to wheat flour or cornstarch when it comes to thickening liquids because it is more neutral in flavor, can be mixed with either hot or cold liquids to make the initial paste, and you only need 1/3 the amount. Freezing does not affect Arrowroot's thickening ability. Use it to make ice cream, and other frozen desserts. It creates sauces that are clear and so is a favorite for making jellies (See jell fruit pectin), and pie fillings.

Arrowroot will begin to break down when overheated, so be sure not to keep it on the burner too long; and it may not work well for thickening some milk based recipes.


Because of its superior thickening ability (use 1/3 as much as flour) and clear finish, arrowroot is excellent for today's lighter sauces, gravies, and stir frying.


Ground Arrowroot.
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