Summer Savory Ground

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Once ground so that its aroma and flavor comes to the surface, summer savory becomes invaluable to your summer barbeque.  When coupled with meat on the grill (especially pork chops), summer savory adds a depth to the flavor of your meat that everyone will notice.

In some cultures, summer savory almost completely replaces sage when preparing dressings or sauces for poultry. Try substituting it for milder sausage bites, or pair it with whole sage leaves to add complex depth to the flavors. It also cooperates extraordinarily well with parsley on inviting plates of delicious fettuccine.

By the way, summer savory’s health perks shouldn’t be ignored.  In addition to its bold presence in cuisine, summer savory has many reported benefits for the digestive system, the lungs, and brain.


A great herb that adds extra flavor to you vegetable salads and casseroles. Savory has a pepper and thyme taste and is complimentary to salt free diets.


Ground Savory.
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