Romano & Parmesan Blended Cheese Powder

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Our delicious blend of Romano and Parmesan powdered cheeses present endless opportunities to add high quality taste to your meals.  From salads to pizzas or lasagnas this combination is always a big hit.  It can be added to your omelet for a burst of flavor in the morning, or sprinkled on top of a baked potato to liven up a quick lunch. For a more formal meal our Romano Parmesan Blended Cheese tastes great when mixed with a combination of breadcrumbs, salt, and pepper and used to create homemade breaded chicken.  Just dip your chicken in egg and roll it in the breadcrumb and blended cheese mixture. It’s a recipe that’s sure to be a family favorite!


Great for topping on salads, pizza, pasta, and baked potatoes.


Romano and parmesan cheese (cow's milk, cheese culture, salt, rennet, powdered cellulose (used as an anti-caking agent), and calcium propionate (used as a preservative)). Contains: Milk
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