Rice Hulls Anti-Caking Agent



Ground Rice Hulls is a natural anti-caking agent great for keeping your seasoning blends in free flowing condition. This product is all natural and is used at 2% per weight of seasoning. Rice Hulls are a great alternative to Silicon Dioxide and can help your product achieve a clean label. 

Rice Hulls have a very minor effect on flavor, if any, when added to your seasoning. If producing a large batch of seasoning, we recommend doing a trial batch to verify the flavor of your seasoning remains to your specification first. It's important to remember the best prevention against caking or clumping of your seasoning is choosing the right ingredients, though Rice Hulls will have a noticeable effect in preventing these issues. 


Use 2% per volume of seasoning. See below for conversions.
  • 1.6 oz Rice Hulls for 5 lbs of Seasoning
  • 3.2 oz Rice Hulls for 10 lbs of Seasoning
  • 16.0 oz Rice Hulls for 50 lbs of Seasoning


Ground Rice Hulls.
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