Red Savina Flakes

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Add Red Savina Habanero Pepper Flakes to your cart and tear up for one of the hottest peppers grown.  These Pepper Flakes will give you that “oh so hot” sensation you crave. Our Red Savina Flakes register 350-540,000 scoville units of intense heat. 

A benefit to having these little fire starters dried and ready to go at any time you feel the need for more heat in your food.  You don’t have to get in your car and make a trip to the specialty store to pick them up.  You can have them on hand at any time.  Just think of the possibilities – warmed up barbeque, steaming chili, a little fire with your nachos, etc. Purchase red savina flakes and other peppers and peppercorns today!


Sprinkle and enjoy. These Red Savina Chile Flakes give a spicy and smoky flavor, perfect for barbecue or pizza. 


Red Savina Flakes.
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