Celery Flakes



Celery Flakes add the bright, tangy flavor of raw celery to your dishes when you don't have the fresh ingredient on hand. Add Celery Flakes to dressings and sides to add a complex undertone to your dish. They're perfect for mixing into salad dressing mixes such as Great American Spice Co.'s Ranch Buttermilk Dressing. Pair celery flakes with one of our Dip Mixes. It's a perfect accent to cheddar ranch dip.
Celery Flakes are both the stalks and the leaves of the celery plant. 


1 tablespoon dehydrated equals 2 tablespoons chopped fresh. Soften first by soaking in water, or add directly to dishes which contain enough liquid to rehydrate them.


Flaked Celery.
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