Pumpkin Powder



Mom's pumpkin pie never tasted better. Add secret hints of our pumpkin powder or pumpkin spice to your creations! Fresh, sweet, pumpkin powder puts autumn flavors into bread, soup, cake, cookies, and pie recipes. Mix it with butter or cream cheese to make bagel spreads or dips. Pinch it with ground nutmeg over the top of egg nogs, smoothies, milk shakes, and mixed drinks. Stir pumpkin powder into vegetable preparations or baby food puree. Even Fido will appreciate the colored dog biscuits you create with pumpkin powder!

If you like pumpkin powder, you might also like carrot powder, apple pie spice, Cinnamon 1% oil, and ground vanilla beans.

Read The Great American Spice Co.'s Fun Recipe Ideas for Pumpkin to create delicious dishes with pumpkin powder in your kitchen.


Reconstitute with water to desired consistency, used in the same traditional uses as cooked pumpkin. Replace 1/4 cup of flour for pumpkin powder in your favorite recipes. To reconstitute pumpkin powder use 1 part powder to 2.5 parts water.


Maltodextrin, Dried Pumpkin, Corn Flour, Sunflower Lecithin.
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