Paprika 85 ASTA - Spanish

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Paprika is an all-purpose spice that works well in many dishes, although there is often a barely used bottle of generic paprika in many household spice racks. In generic uses, paprika is usually sprinkled on top as a garnish, but beyond the generic, there are two basic types of paprika, sweet and hot. Spanish paprika is hot, or spicy and pungent, while Hungarian paprika is on the sweeter side. Both types of paprika enhance dishes in different ways and definitely have application beyond adding a reddish garnish to deviled eggs or mashed potatoes. The ASTA rating on the paprika indicates how red the paprika is--the higher the number, the redder the paprika. Go ahead and sprinkle some flavorful paprika on those potatoes!  Spanish paprika can be used as a substitute for cayenne pepper because it has a similar flavor profile and appearance, but it is not as hot as cayenne, so it can be used later in the cooking process without worries about the final food being overly spicy.


Often used as a garnish on stuffed eggs, fish, and cheese and vegetable casseroles. Spanish Paprika flavors shellfish, rice, and sausage dishes.


Dried Red Peppers.
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