Knucklehead Rub

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Knucklehead Rub: A Great American Spice Company Original!

Sweet, zesty, and packed with flavor! Knucklehead Rub is the perfect choice for any cooking with chicken, pork, and beef. A blend that we are proud to call our own here at the Spice Company has a unique story to go along with its unique taste!

A Great American Spice Co. original, this sweet, zesty, and flavor-packed rub is a smart choice for chicken, beef, or pork. A few years ago, a Great American Spice employee confused the spices he was supposed to blend and accidentally combined Big Girl Rub and Grandpa’s Bar-B-Que Rub. The unique combination was tested by the experts at The Great America Spice Company and they all had a good laugh.  The new meat and seafood rub was actually tasty. To this day, the sweet Knucklehead Rub is a best-seller.  Thanks to Great American Spice employee Tim, A.K.A. Knucklehead, for accidentally creating a longstanding favorite!


Sprinkle generously on meat, rub in, let sit 1-6 hours before cooking.


Turbinado Sugar, Sugar, Spices, Salt, Onion, Paprika, Ground Mustard, Rice Hulls.
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