Hawaiian Premium Red Sea Salt



It's the iron oxide of the famous Hawaiian red clay soil that gives this pinkish sea salt its burnt sienna color. Our Hawaiian Premium Red Sea Salt adds depth, earthiness, and complexity to savory dishes and mellows the sharpness of salt.

Use Hawaiian Premium Red Sea Salt on grilled meats like prime rib or pork loin, poached white-fleshed fish, and hearty vegetables or in thick winter stews. This salt is the authentic seasoning used in native Hawaiian dishes such as poke, Kalua pig, and Hawaiian jerky.

The larger crystals in our Hawaiian Premium Red Sea Salt add to a meal's presentation when used as a finishing salt. As a contrast, also use our Hawaiian Premium Black Lava Sea Salt.


Wonderful on grilled meats and vegetables, and also in thick winter stews.


Natural Pacific Sea Salt, Premium Baked Hawaiian Red Alaea Clay.
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